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You can purchase the course by itself or the program with 1:1 24/7 daily coaching as well as group Zoom coaching and accountablity calls. You can choose the duration of coaching.

Does the program include coaching?

You have lifetime access to the course and your 1:1 coaching time can last as long as you like!

How long does the program last?

Youtube videos are where you'll find a confetti of random tips and tricks, but not complete, connected strategies.  You'll hear conflicting advice on just about every Etsy topic from a variety of Etsy gurus.  The results of that are one step forward, two steps back-- no significant results.  Our program is a step by step, complete, detailed guide.  You learn in-depth market reserach tutorials, the intricacies of getting built-in organic traffic without ads, how to build an e-commerce sales plan, how to create a sellable asset, and more that you will never find on Youtube!

How is your program different than watching youtube videos?


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YES! This is what we cover in Module 2 of the program. About 1/2 of our students start without a product decided on.  And over 50% of our students do digital or POD and the remainder do handmade, supplies or vintage. 

Will you help me figure out if I should do POD, digital products, handmade items, supplies or vintage?

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