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Check out our over 1000+ student reviews and success stories that Etsy shop owners have achieved by following our step-by-step blueprint and more wins are shared each week!

All of these are within the last year. We post these course reviews, video reviews, and customer story testimonials on our website, on YouTube, and on Instagram. We hope you join in to listen to the results our lifetime access lessons and coaching by Dylan and her team have delivered. If you are thinking about how success in an Etsy business can change your quality of life and your future you will get an idea of the type of revenue and change that our course lessons, videos, and coaching deliver for our clients. We figured it out so you don't have to. Thinking of having Dylan Jahraus review your shop and want an idea of what the results, clients, price, and success look like? Read on!

Who is Dylan Jahraus?

With a corporate e-commerce background, I've held positions at major companies like Zappos and Zulily, specializing in procurement, product development, pricing strategies, and meticulous forecasting. I now run an Etsy shop, along with a presence on Amazon and Shopify, leveraging my experience for a no-nonsense, profit-focused approach that I now offer to other Etsy sellers with the Multi-Six Figure Etsy Blueprint course and coaching. I have infused proven business strategies rooted in corporate e-commerce into our video lessons and coaching. We teach selling the best Etsy products, implementing the right SEO and prices, driving traffic from around the world at no cost, and reverse engineering their revenue goal.

What are the costs?

You'll gain access to a comprehensive A to Z proven guide for achieving your initial $10k, progressing to $50k, $100k, $400k, and beyond on Etsy. Our program offers more than just a course; it includes a step-by-step blueprint with lifetime access, daily 24/7 coaching, and coaching support. You will not find connected strategies like this on Youtube. The price depends on how long you would like coaching support for. There is not an additional cost for Etsy tools or paid posting -- instead we give you free methods that are more effective long term. Learn more about the course and coaching options.

What are the results to expect?

With our lifetime access step by step blueprint we help our clients create a business that is a high revenue figure but also sustainable for long term sales. We will help you figure out what to sell on Etsy, whether it be digital, print on demand, handmade, supplies or vintage. And it doesn't need to be one product that is a "unicorn" or winner, but rather we help you optimize your listings and product mix to serve premium customers with consistent spending habits. We help you get found in Etsy search by putting in the right SEO so it doesn't cost money just to get traffic. Dylan will also help you to push past that sales plateau you may be at. The best part? Once you get through the sprinting phase you can even raise your prices and the raise will not slow your sales down.

One student, Nhi, spent a lot of money in the past on ads and missed the opportunity to sell to premium customers before joining the course. Nhi sold print on demand and sales were very low, but within 7 months she had already crossed $22k months in revenue and her business now supported her family and delivered that change she hoped for. She says "One week of sales now pays for our mortgage" and "You are changing my life!".

Another student, Ciarah, went from $1954 one month to $4298 the next month by updating her Etsy product listings according to the proven step by step blueprint. Ciarah did this by going back through the course lessons and videos along with daily coaching access to Dylan and her team. Ciarah said, "Learning from you has by far been the best decision I have made this year! Thank you, truly."

Another student, Anastasia, went from $907 one month to $21,667 the next month using the proven step by step course. One listing became a power listing using Dylan's proven marketing strategy to drive traffic, target profitable customer segments, implement the correct price and sale strategy, and deliver on a quality product and customer experience. She didn't have to sell a wide variety of products or only putting on sales. Anastasia said her a recent post, "I never believed in those overnight stories but my goodness it's stressful and blessed at the same time... thank you!"

We have Etsy sellers with digital product, print on demand, handmade, supplies and vintage with both beginners and high level $100k per month or more shops. If you want to make more money, more revenue and more sales on Etsy then it makes sense to schedule a call with us to learn more.

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