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3 week etsy kickstart course


Our Course and Coaching Packages

Step-By-Step Blueprint


Unlimited 24/7 daily 1:1 coaching


Clear steps for each stage of your business

200+ lessons and tutorials

60+ hours of video trainings


Launches your shop correctly the first time

72+ lessons and tutorials

17+ hours of video trainings

Four group coaching calls per week + periodic accountability calls




200+ lessons and tutorials

60+ hours of video trainings

Guides, checklists, and worksheets

12+ new hours of recorded Zoom coaching calls each week

Clear steps for each stage of your business

Periodic accountability calls

If you watch our videos on Youtube and you read the comments and course reviews that we share as data on our website you will see that we are often posting our customers and their results so you know what to expect from coaching.

Many courses focus on picking a niche or having a winning idea or one product or listing that will sell enough to hit your revenue goals. As our students share in our 1000+ testimonials, when you invest in this program you have Dylan and her entire team of coaches behind you 24/7. For example, you can ask a question about your shop and Etsy listings and we will reply with a video that includes details about how to update your Etsy SEO, do keyword research, implement price strategies, improve your photos, and more tips for showing up higher in search to drive more sales.

Our goal is to make you more money, yes, and to drive more sales, but also to teach you the e-commerce levers to pull so that you can control your sales in the future.

Who is Dylan Jahraus and what do others say about the course?

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We want every Etsy seller who wants more sales to have access to this program. If you schedule a free call with us we can see if you qualify for the payment plan options.

How can I qualify for a payment plan?

The pricing depends on how much support you want to have in your quest for more sales and more consistency on Etsy. The amount you pay depends on the duration of coaching you would like and can be as low as a couple hundred per month.

What does the course cost?


Frequently Asked

We want to make our program accessible to every Etsy Seller so we have low monthly payment plans available. The exact monthly amount will just depend on your location and what payment plan amount you qualify for.

Are payment options available?

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