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I’m a multi-six figure Etsy seller, yes, but I’m also a military spouse and a mom of two small boys. Creating a multi-six figure Etsy shop was life changing for our future. It set our family up to build the generational wealth we had dreamed of by the time we were in our early thirties. My entire background is corporate e-commerce where I worked for companies like Zappos and Zulily. My expertise was buying, product development, pricing strategy, planning and forecasting. Now I sell on Etsy, Amazon and Shopify. I’m a very practical, level-headed person and you’ll find that in my clear-cut strategies. No fluff. Just profitable action steps. I love helping other Etsy sellers and prospective Etsy sellers build the financial freedom that they dream of. Because at the end of the day financial freedom is about having options. Now I get to lead other entrepreneurs down that path. 

“Put the food in the oven before it’s preheated.”
Push yourself. No one else will. 

How I Relax

Searching the MLS for the next property

Favorite TV Show

Back when we watched TV… Shark Tank!

Where My Name Came From

Bob Dylan. I know.

What Keeps Me Going

Knowing God will never give me something I can’t handle.

Dream Vacation

A hut over the water in the Maldives

Business Idol

Alex & Leila Hormozi

6 Random Facts


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